Function Syntax#

RETURN_CODE AlazarSetRecordCount(HANDLE handle, U32 Count)#

Select the number of records to capture to on-board memory.


The maximum number of records per capture is a function of the board type, the maximum number of samples per channel (SPC), and the current number of samples per record (SPR) :

  • ATS850, ATS310, ATS330 : min(SPC / (SPR + 16), 10000)

  • ATS460, ATS660, ATS9462 : min(SPC / (SPR + 16), 256000)

  • ATS860, ATS9325, ATS935X : min(SPC / (SPR + 32), 256000)

  • ATS9850, ATS9870 : min(SPC / (SPR + 64), 256000)


This function is part of the single-port API, and cannot be used in a dual-port context.

  • handle[in] Board handle

  • Count[in] The number of records to acquire to on-board memory during the acquisition.


ApiSuccess upon success, or an error code. See RETURN_CODE for more detailed information.

LabVIEW Block Diagram#