Function Syntax#

RETURN_CODE AlazarFFTGetMaxTriggerRepeatRate(dsp_module_handle dspHandle, U32 fftSize, double *maxTriggerRepeatRate)#

Queries the maximum trigger repeat rate that the FFT engine can support without overflow.

This utility function is useful to calculate the theoretical maximum speed at which FFTs can be computed on a specific digitizer. The value returned only takes into account the FFT processing speed of the on-board module. Other parameters such as bus transfer speed must still be taken into account to ensure that an acquisition is possible on a given board.


This function is available for FFT modules versions 4.5 and up.

  • dspHandle[in] The board for which to calculate the maximum trigger rate.

  • fftSize[in] The number of points acquired by the board per FFT operation.

  • maxTriggerRepeatRate[out] Output parameter that gets assigned the maximum trigger rate supported by this board’s FFT processing module in Hertz.


ApiSucces upon success


ApiInvalidDspModule if the FFT module is invalid (wrong type or version)

LabVIEW Block Diagram#