Function Syntax#

RETURN_CODE AlazarExtractTimeDomainNPTFooters(void *buffer, U32 recordSize_bytes, U32 bufferSize_bytes, NPTFooter *footersArray, U32 numFootersToExtract)#

Extracts NPT footers from a buffer acquired during a time-domain acquisition.

Before calling this function, it is important to make sure that the buffers have been acquired in NPT mode with the NPT footers active. In addition, the acquisition must not have used on-FPGA FFT computation.


footersArray must contain at least numFootersToExtract elements.

  • buffer[in] Base address of the DMA buffer to process

  • recordSize_bytes[in] Bytes per record in the DMA buffer passed as argument

  • bufferSize_bytes[in] Bytes per buffer in the DMA buffer passed as argument

  • footersArray[out] Base address of an array of NPTFooter structures which will be filled by this function

  • numFootersToExtract[in] Maximum numbers of footers to extract. This can be a number from zero to the number of records in the DMA buffer passed as argument.