Function Syntax#

RETURN_CODE AlazarDSPGetInfo(dsp_module_handle dspHandle, U32 *dspModuleId, U16 *versionMajor, U16 *versionMinor, U32 *maxLength, U32 *supportedChannels, U32 *reserved1)#

Get information about a specific On-FPGA DSP implementation.

Use this function to query the type of a DSP module, as well as other information.

  • dspHandle – The handle to the DSP module to query.

  • dspModuleId – The identifier of the DSP module. This describes what the type of this module is, and can be compared against the DSP_MODULE_TYPE enum.

  • versionMajor – The major version number of the DSP implementation.

  • versionMinor – The minor version number of the DSP implementation.

  • maxLength – The maximum length of the records that can be processed.

  • supportedChannels – For DSP_MODULE_FFT modules, this is a bitmask of the input channels that can be active together with the DSP module. This parameter is ignored for different DSP modules.

  • reserved1 – Reserved parameter. Ignored


ApiSuccess upon success.

LabVIEW Block Diagram#