Function Syntax

RETURN_CODE AlazarPostAsyncBuffer(HANDLE handle, void *buffer, U32 bufferLength_bytes)

Posts a DMA buffer to a board.

This function adds a DMA buffer to the end of a list of buffers available to be filled by the board. Use AlazarWaitAsyncBufferComplete() to determine if the board has received sufficient trigger events to fill this buffer.


ApiSuccess upon success, or an error code. See RETURN_CODE for more detailed information.


You must call AlazarBeforeAsyncRead() before calling AlazarPostAsyncBuffer().


You must call AlazarAbortAsyncRead() before your application exits if you have called AlazarPostAsyncBuffer() and buffers are pending when your application exits.


The bufferLength_bytes parameter must be equal to the product of the number of bytes per record, the number of records per buffer and the number of enabled channels. If record headers are enabled, the number of bytes per record must include the size of the record header (16 bytes).

  • [in] handle: Handle to board

  • [in] buffer: Pointer to buffer that will eventually receive data from the digitizer board.

  • [in] bufferLength_bytes: The length of the buffer in bytes.