Function Syntax

RETURN_CODE AlazarInputControl(HANDLE handle, U8 channel, U32 coupling, U32 inputRange, U32 impedance)

Select the input coupling, range, and impedance of a digitizer channel.


ApiSuccess upon success, or an error code. See RETURN_CODE for more detailed information.

  • [in] handle: Board handle.

  • [in] channel: The channel to control. See ALAZAR_CHANNELS for a list of possible values. This parameter only takes unsigned 8-bit values. To configure channel I and above, see AlazarInputControlEx().

  • [in] inputRange: Specify the input range of the selected channel. See ALAZAR_INPUT_RANGES for a list of all existing input ranges. Consult board-specific information to see which input ranges are supported by each board.

  • [in] coupling: Specifies the coupling of the selected channel. Must be an element of ALAZAR_COUPLINGS

  • [in] impedance: Specify the input impedance to set for the selected channel. See ALAZAR_IMPEDANCES for a list of all existing values. See the board-specific documentation to see impedances supported by various boards.

LabVIEW Block Diagram