Function Syntax

RETURN_CODE AlazarAbortAsyncRead(HANDLE handle)

Aborts a dual-port acquisition, and any in-process DMA transfers.


If you have started an acquisition and/or posted DMA buffers to a board, you must call AlazarAbortAsyncRead() before your application exits. If you do not, when your program exists, Microsoft Windows may stop with a blue screen error number 0x000000CB (DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS). Linux may leak the memory used by the DMA buffers.


ApiSuccess upon success, or an error code. See RETURN_CODE for more detailed information.


This function is part of the dual-port API. It should be used only in this context. To abort single-port acquisitions using, see AlazarAbortCapture().

  • [in] handle: Handle to board

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