Function Syntax

RETURN_CODE AlazarDSPGetModules(HANDLE boardHandle, U32 numEntries, dsp_module_handle *modules, U32 *numModules)

Queries the list of DSP modules in a given board.

This function allows to query the list of DSP modules for a digitizer board. modules is a pointer to an array of DSP modules to be filled by this function. The numEntries parameter specifies how many modules can be added by the function to the modules array. Lastly, the numModules array specifies how many modules are avaiable on the specified board.

modules can be NULL. In this case, the only interest of this function is to return the number of modules available. Please note that numEntries must be zero if modules is NULL.

numModules can be NULL. In this case, it is ignored.

This function is typically called twice. First without a modules array to query the number of available modules, and a second time after allocating an appropriate array.

U32 numModules;

U32 retCode = AlazarDSPGetModules(handle, 0, NULL, &numModules);

// Error handling

dsp_module_handle modules[numModules];

retCode = AlazarDSPGetModules(handle, numModules, modules, NULL);

// Error handling


ApiSuccess upon success.

  • boardHandle: The handle of the board to query DSP modules for.

  • numEntries: The maximum number of entries that the function can fill in the modules array. Must be zero if modules is NULL.

  • modules: The array where this function fills the dsp_module_handle elements. Can be NULL.

  • numModules: Returns the number of DSP modules available on this board. Ignored if NULL.

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